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At Baxter Construction we have a strong focus on continuing professional development and are competent to the latest professional standards and quality assurance benchmarks. We are fully insured with home owner warranty, contract works, public liability and WorkCover insurances. As you would expect all materials, tools and equipment meet regular testing, tagging and other quality and safety requirements.

We are accredited with the Master Building Green Living Program, specialising in design, construction and maintenance of high quality structures that adopt the industry’s best practices for sustainability. We have helped clients improve their energy and water efficiency of their homes using our thorough understanding of the energy provisions in the National Construction Code and specialist training.

We have experience in preparation for planning permits, building permits, subdivisions, and project feasibility. We have excellent customer service and a high level of satisfaction due to our guaranteed quality workmanship.

We want your Baxter Construction built home to be everything you hoped for. What drives us is our unending passion to achieve, unrivalled quality and outstanding service to our customer not only at the time of purchase but long after the home is completed. Our guarantee marks our complete confidence in our product and ensures your peace of mind. This guarantee is given in addition to any guarantee, statutory insurance or home buyers’ liability scheme enforced in Victoria.

10 Year Guarantee*

It is normal to expect minor items to arise as your newly completed home settles. We invite you to advise us in writing of any items you believe require our attention. We will undertake an inspection of your home at a mutually convenient time and, where the item is covered by our statutory guarantee, we will arrange for remedial work to be carried out at our cost.

Urgent outside building hours

If you have an urgent problem affecting your safety, security or weatherproofing we will be happy to assist. If the item is covered by these guarantees the service will be free. Please call our service team and we will arrange for the appropriate trades person to respond.

Service of your fixed appliances

The appliances installed in your home are covered by the manufacturer’s guarantees. The service within the manufacturer’s guarantee period can be obtained by contacting the manufacturer directly.

Additional information

In order to carry out any rectification works covered by the guarantee our service team will need to be given access to your home during normal working hours. This will include arrangements regarding alarm systems, pets in the home and house access.

Trees and garden

Trees may change the moisture content of the soil in the foundations of your home causing it to shrink or expand. This can cause damage to the footings. It is recommended that a clear space equal to at least half the tree’s mature height is maintained between the external wall of your home and any established or newly planted trees. In the event of tree growth causing structural damage to your home by your non-compliance with the above recommendation, this guarantee will be void as a whole.

For further information about planning your garden, plantings, paving and landscaping please refer to the CSIRO “Improving the Built Environment” information sheet.

*Conditions apply

“We don’t just build: we construct and go beyond the minimum existing requirements for energy sustainability.”

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